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1963 Silver Washington Quarter: Price Of Silver Influences Value

Washington Quarter OverviewThe Washington Quarter was designed during a time of multiple design changes for several varying coin designs that spanned 15 years. It was a replacement for the Standing Liberty Quarter. This change was meant to help update the look of the quarter dollar to a more modern design.John Flanagan, a sculptor, was chosen […]

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1958 Franklin Half Dollar: Learn How To Grade The Franklin Half Dollar

Franklin Half Dollar OverviewMade to commemorate the Founding Father Benjamin Franklin, the Franklin Half Dollar has been a favorite of collectors for decades. With a simple pleasing obverse and reverse design, it’s no wonder that most collectors have an extensive collection of Franklin Half Dollars.John Sinnock, who was the chief engraver at the time, started […]

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1959 Washington Quarter: Premium Uncirculated Examples Hard To Find

Washington Quarter OverviewMade to commemorate the 200th birthday of the first US President, George Washington, the Washington quarter has become one of the longest-running quarters in production. With their simple and pleasing design, it is no wonder that Washington Quarters are some of the most collected coins in the United States.John Flanagan was the designer […]

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1960 Franklin Half Dollar: Look For Full Bell Lines

Franklin Half Dollar OverviewThe Franklin Half Dollar doesn’t feature a president, but rather one of the most famous founding fathers, Benjamin Franklin. The Franklin Half Dollar also features the iconic Liberty Bell on the reverse, another important icon of the early history of the United States.In 1947, mint engraver John Sinnock was called upon to […]

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1955 Wheat Penny: The Legendary Doubled Die Error

Wheat Penny OverviewThe Lincoln Cent, more commonly known as the Lincoln Wheat Penny, is one of the most popular coins for today’s collectors. It was America’s first coin to feature the bust of a president. This concept was so widely enjoyed by consumers that all future coin designs would feature different presidential busts.Sculptor and artist, […]

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1939 Jefferson Nickel: Doubled Die Reverse Is Best In The Series

Jefferson Nickel OverviewBearing the portrait of the third US president, Thomas Jefferson, the Jefferson Nickel is the first modern nickel. Designed to replace the hard-to-mint Buffalo Nickel, the Jefferson Nickel first began production in 1938. Production still continues to this date, marking a 79-year run.Designed by Felix Schlag, an artist and sculptor, the Jefferson Nickel […]

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1942 Mercury Dime: Famous 1942/1 Error Brings Huge Prices

Mercury Dime OverviewThe Mercury Dime, with its flowing and beautiful design, is a popular choice for today’s collectors. Although known officially as the Winged Liberty Head Dime, many collectors commonly refer to it as the “Mercury Dime.” This is because some people believe that the portrait of Liberty is actually the Roman God, Mercury.The Mercury […]

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