The Gold Dime: A Coin Never Meant for Circulation

A Bit of BackgroundA dime is a tenth of a dollar. It is the ten cent coin in the United States. It is made of 8.33% nickel and the rest of it is copper. There are some dimes in circulation that are of different design and make. There is one that is made of gold but … Read more

The Best Waterproof Metal Detector for Your Treasure Hunt

Perhaps the concept of metal detecting devices isn’t new to you anymore. It could be that you used to consider it as something that could detect explosives and save lives. But that’s not the only purpose of metal detectors. There are many types of this device to choose from. Many hobbyists have found another way to … Read more

Best Metal Detector Under 300: 3 Great Options on a Budget

When you think of metal detectors, you immediately think of professional treasure finders. They use this device to look for valuable coins, relics and minerals. There are different types of metal detectors and the more expensive ones are usually for professional use. The good thing is that there are cheaper versions of these metal detectors that … Read more

Greatest Deals on the Best Metal Detector Under 200

Before you give up on your dream to pursue a metal detecting career, think again. It’s true that a metal detectorist’s arsenal may consist of seriously expensive gadgets, and you may have heard people saying that a metal detector’s quality will always be reflected on its price. Yes, some expensive metal detectors really offer the best … Read more