1934 Wheat Penny: The Turning Point To Larger Mintage Numbers

1934 Wheat Penny

Wheat Penny OverviewKnown as the coin with “Honest Abe” on the front, the Lincoln Wheat Penny is a popular coin among collectors and non-collectors alike. Designed to replace the Indian Head Penny in 1909, the Wheat Penny became an instant hit with consumers across the country. The Wheat Penny would continue to be produced until 1958 … Read more

1947 Jefferson Nickel: Be On The Lookout For Common Errors

1947 Jefferson Nickel

Jefferson Nickel OverviewA coin that is as popular today as it was when first introduced, the Jefferson Nickel has had a long and unique history. Designed and later produced in 1938, the Jefferson Nickel replaced the highly successful Buffalo Nickel. Even after 79 years, the Jefferson Nickel has only undergone some modest updating to its design, … Read more

1967 Roosevelt Dime: An Easy Hole In A Collection To Fill

1967 Roosevelt Dime

Roosevelt Dime OverviewThe Roosevelt Dime that has been in production since 1946 is a testament to President Roosevelt’s support of the March of Dimes and his work to eradicate polio. Chief engraver, John Sinnock, is the creator of the design after having been commissioned by Congress to create a new dime in 1945. Sinnock’s design was … Read more

1940 Wheat Penny: Proof Examples Bring Better Money

1940 Wheat Penny

Wheat Penny OverviewDesigned to commemorate the 100th birthday of Abraham Lincoln, the Lincoln Wheat Penny became the first coin to feature the bust of a President. This unique feature led to the explosion of its popularity among consumers of the early 1900s. Victor Brenner was commissioned in 1909 to create the next US penny design to … Read more

1883 Morgan Silver Dollars: Uncirculated Examples are Plentiful

Morgan Silver Dollar OverviewA legendary coin that amazes all that hold it, the Morgan silver dollar has great prestige among collectors and noncollectors alike. Minted during quite possibly the greatest time of American history, the Morgan dollar is a staple in any collector’s stockpile. Designed by US Mint assistant engraver George T. Morgan, the Morgan dollar … Read more

1885 Morgan Silver Dollar: Popularity Keeps Prices Stable

1885 Silver Dollar

Morgan Silver Dollar OverviewA collector’s dream, the Morgan Silver Dollar is an overwhelmingly popular and relatively rare US coin. First minted in 1878, the Morgan Dollar enjoyed a long production run that spanned 43 years. Due to a low amount of silver in the US Mint’s reserves, silver dollars prior to the Morgan Dollar were not … Read more