1935 Buffalo Nickel: Doubled Die Error Brings Big Money

1935 Buffalo Nickel

About the Buffalo NickelMinted from 1913 till 1938, the Indian Head, commonly referred to as the Buffalo Nickel, has been a loved coin that can be found in almost every established collector’s hoard. James Earl Fraser was the original designer of the Buffalo Nickel, creating a coin that paid homage to America’s Native Americans and the … Read more

1941 Walking Liberty Half Dollar: Learn To Grade This Coin Series

1941 Half Dollar

Walking Liberty Half Dollar OverviewA very popular series of collectible coins, the Walking Liberty Half Dollar series, is popular with collectors and investors alike. Introduced in 1916 to replace the Barber half dollar, the Walking Liberty half dollar has seen fast approval and great amounts of praise from consumers. Designs for America’s next half dollar were … Read more

1885 Morgan Silver Dollar: Popularity Keeps Prices Stable

1885 Silver Dollar

Morgan Silver Dollar OverviewA collector’s dream, the Morgan Silver Dollar is an overwhelmingly popular and relatively rare US coin. First minted in 1878, the Morgan Dollar enjoyed a long production run that spanned 43 years. Due to a low amount of silver in the US Mint’s reserves, silver dollars prior to the Morgan Dollar were not … Read more

1974 Washington Quarter: A Great Coin To Start A Modern Collection

1974 Quarter

Washington Quarter OverviewOne of the most used coins in commerce, the Washington Quarter, has had a very interesting history. The quarter was made to celebrate the 200th birthday of the first US president, George Washington. Sculptor John Flanagan designed the entire coin, and the mint started production of the Washington Quarter in 1932. Flanagan’s design featured … Read more

1944 Mercury Dime: Full Bands Bring Much Higher Value

1944 Mercury Dime

Mercury Dime OverviewBoth beautiful and stunning, the Mercury Dime has been seen as one of the greatest US dimes that were ever produced. Made primarily out of silver, Mercury Dimes enjoy large demand from both collectors and investors. Designed in 1915 by Adolph Weinman, the Mercury Dime was set to replace the long-running Barber design. This … Read more