1956 Jefferson Nickel: Full Steps Command High Premiums

1956 Nickel

Jefferson Nickel Overview A lasting testament to one of the founding fathers, the Jefferson nickel is still being minted after 80 years. The Jefferson nickel began in 1938 as the successor to the beloved but notoriously difficult to produce Buffalo nickel. The design was completed by Felix Schlag and was intended to honor Thomas Jefferson. … Read more

1916 Mercury Dime: A Key Date for Denver

1916 Dime

Mercury Dime Overview The Winged Liberty Head dime, known more commonly as the Mercury dime, had a short-lived mintage but remains one of the most popular coins to collect today. The Mercury dime was first struck in 1916, when it replaced the Barber dime that had grown increasingly unpopular in its later years. A contest … Read more

1952 Roosevelt Dime – Current Value & Errors To Watch For

1952 Roosevelt Dime

Roosevelt Dime Overview A tribute to the longest-serving US president, Franklin Delano Roosevelt, the Roosevelt dime is often overlooked by numismatists. When Roosevelt died in 1945, the Mint rushed to come up with a new commemorative  design to replace the Mercury dime that had been in use for almost thirty years. After several revisions, the … Read more

1968 Kennedy Half Dollar: Look for Mint Mark Varieties

1968 Kennedy Half Dollar

Kennedy Half Dollar Overview Throughout its mintage, the Kennedy half dollar has been much more popular as a collector’s item than as currency, and this is still true today. The coin was first minted in 1964, mere months following the assassination of John F. Kennedy. Since the previous design for the half dollar (the Franklin … Read more

1898 Indian Head Penny: High Mintage Lowers Value

1898 Penny

Indian Head Penny Overview Struck through one of the most tumultuous periods of American history, the Indian Head penny is a classic series beloved by collectors for its design and its historical value. The Indian Head penny began production in 1859 as the successor to the Flying Eagle cent, the first small cent. Like its … Read more

1952 Washington Quarter: Look for Unique Superbird Variety

1952 Quarter

Washington Quarter Overview The Washington quarter, first minted in 1932, is an iconic and accessible series that is perfect for beginning coin collectors. Created during the Great Depression, the Washington quarter was conceived not out of necessity but in order to commemorate George Washington on the bicentennial of his birth. The coin turned out to … Read more