Best Beach Metal Detector: 3 Choices for a Special Environment

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The Best Beach Metal Detector Features to Look For

Metal detectors are usually used on dry land. It is where you can easily find something valuable. There are more modern metal detectors though that can be used even on the beach, which has a wet ground.

Some others can even be used underwater.

Therefore, if you are planning to head to the beach on a weekend getaway with your kids and you want a fun activity with them, this could be a perfect activity for you. The good thing is that there are a lot of affordable metal detectors that can be used underwater. They are of high quality and are designed to last for a long time.

You can check out the best beach metal detector and find out if it is exactly what you are looking for.

The Options​


Fisher Labs 1280-X Aquanaut Underwater All-Purpose Metal Detector w/8" Coil

Aside from being waterproof, the beast feature of this model is that it can last for up to 75 hours.

If you want to have fun searching for a valuable item by the beach and constantly use it with your kids, then this machine can take on that challenge. The only down side is that it only operates at 2.4 kHz which is a bit of a lower frequency compared with other models.

It also does not come with a headphone jack. There are no auto notch filter and auto discrimination functions.

The good thing is that its buttons can be adjusted if you wish to use in on land or in water. For a price of $671, this might be a bit expensive as a beginner’s package, but worth the buy.

Beach Metal Detector

XP DEUS Metal Detector + Wireless WS5 Full Headphones + Controller and 11 inch Coil

For a full professional underwater metal search, this is the perfect option for you. It is designed for experts who have tried using metal detectors before.

It comes with state of the art headphones and controllers. It is very light at just 2 pounds. It can also be updated using your PC.

If Deus has released new features, then you can have them downloaded to be used for your metal detector. It comes with a manual that lets you understand the process very easily.

It can also be easily assembled and has a collapsible shaft, which makes it easier to pack. For those who are always on the go, this is the perfect machine.

You just have to understand that it is really expensive at $1,565. Therefore, if you still doubt on whether you want to go on with professional metal search or not, then you have to think it through.

The good thing is that it can assure you of great finds since it is really sensitive in picking up signals.


Garret Infinium Metal Detector WATERPROOF!

Salt elimination mode is one of the beast features of this machine and so it is considered perfect for underwater use.

When you use the metal detector on land, you will encounter lots of unnecessary noise and signals. Imagine how much noisier it is underwater when there are wave currents and other factors that you have to deal with.

This machine ensures that unwanted signals will be left out so you can only focus on searching for valuable items. It also has 96 frequencies detection capacity and can work at 730 pulses per second. Its ability to quickly search for items even in depth is amazing.

You can expect great results once you use this machine. For a price of a little over a thousand dollars, this is great enough for a start in professional metal detecting.

If you can find lots of treasures on land, you can only imagine what you can find underwater. Therefore, if you want to be a professional in metal detecting, you have to invest on higher quality machines.

You can also use one just to have fun with your kids. If you're looking for options on a budget, check out our article on the best metal detector under 300 dollars here.

Even if you're in the market for something that costs more, with the qualities of the best beach metal detector, you won’t have second thoughts investing on it soon. You just have to make a checklist of the qualities that you wanted in a metal detector so you can land with a great choice.

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