3 Spectacular Choices: Best Metal Detector for Beginners

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Metal detectors are used to detect the presence of metals nearby. If there is a metal of any type, the device will then signal you that it is there.

It has a lot of uses. We see one for security purposes. When you enter a mall or an establishment, your bag will be checked using a metal detector. This prevents security problems to take place.

It can also be used by archaeologist. If they wish to determine the presence of a metal buried underneath in search for potential historical treasures, then this metal detector can be used. Instead of digging, the device can simply be placed closer to the ground.

You can check out the best metal detector for beginners if you have not tried using one before.


Garrett Ace 350 Handheld Metal Detector DD Coil + Headphones

This might be perfect for beginners, but its functions are advanced.

It has a powerful 8.5x11 Double-D search coil coupled with an enhanced iron resolution. It also comes with a volume control headphones for those who have sensitive ears.

When it comes to precision in locating metals, you are guaranteed of great results. It provides detection on greater depth especially in mineralized grounds.

Therefore, its coverage is totally excellent. Whether you are searching for old coins, jewelry, or relics, you can count on this model to do the job. Since it is a high end model, it is a bit pricey at $297.

However, given all its features, it is worth the price.


Fisher F2 Metal Detector with Pinpointer

For fast and sensitive metal detector, this is the best choice.

It is also slightly cheaper at only $215. It comes with a 1-touch pinpoint with a depth readout that is easy to understand.

This is the type that beginners who have not tried using a metal detector before can easily master. It is also lightweight with an attractive design. Even if you stay outside for a long time carrying this device, you won’t feel tired at all. With its ability to sense metals, you will surely enjoy your quest.

The best part is the headphone. It allows you to hear the oldest and deepest targets. It has the ability to block external noises and has an extended battery life.

Whether your goal is to just have fun or look for a serious find, this is the perfect partner for you.


White's Coinmaster Metal Detector - 800-0325 (179)

For those who are on a tight budget but still wanted to try metal detectors, this model is just about right. For only $179, you won’t regret getting one.

It also comes with state of the art features that you would easily fall for. It has the ability to locate metals and other targets in just one snap. The device can also be easily so adjusted so you will only hear signals that you needed and block out the rest. This helps a lot so you can focus in searching for the best treasure out there.

It is also very light at just 2.5 pounds. It comes with a pair of 9-volt batteries.

It is also waterproof and so it can be perfectly used even if you are on the beach. In fact, you can submerge it on the water and continue your treasure hunting underwater. It makes the metal detector even more exciting to use for these games.

You can buy a lot of these metal detectors if you have kids and you are out for a grand vacation. Instead of the usual family games, you can try treasure hunting using these metal detectors.

You can also reward your child who has the most items searched. It can be very fun and exciting.

The only thing that you have to remember in searching for the  best metal detector for beginners is that it should be easy to use. When you find it hard to adjust at first, then you will most likely hate using it. Imagine how your kids will feel if they are the ones operating the device.

However, if they have fun right from the start, then they will surely use it for more treasure hunting games in the future.

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