Best Places to Find Old Coins: 5 Great Locations

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5 of the Best Places to Find Old Coins and How to Easily Find One

There are many people who enjoy collecting old coins. They are in fact racing to find older coins that have long been out of circulation.

Aside from that, it's a satisfying feeling, the value of these coins also increase over time. If you are an old coin hunter as well, you need to know the best places to find old coins.

The chances of finding something really interesting are low, but there is no harm in trying. You just need to go through all the coins that you can find and perhaps you will be lucky enough to find one that is really worth something.

Vending Machines

You can talk to a vending machine owner and tell them that you are willing to exchange all those coins for bills. Of course, they will allow you to do so since they can’t use all those coins to buy stuff.

You can partner with vending machine owners to be their regular contact when they wish to have those coins exchanged.

There is one thing that you have to understand though. There are vending machines with really strict identification technology. When the coin used is really old or is out of circulation, it won’t be accepted. Therefore, it will be returned to the owner.

The remaining coins that you can look into are all new and not what you are searching for. Otherwise, you might be lucky to brush into these coins and get an interesting find.


Normally, you go to banks to change your coins to bills. They will find it weird if it is the other way around.

However, if you can convince them, then they might allow changing some of your bills to coins. The only down side is that banks keep on changing the money being used in the circulation.

Old bills and coins are usually removed before they start the transactions again. If you are lucky enough, then you might find some interesting coins, but the chance is quite low.


If you are a Catholic, you definitely know why churches are perfect for coin hunting. During mass, a basket is passed around for collection of donations. Usually, people donate coins instead of huge bills.

You can speak with any church official that you are willing to change the coins into bills. They will most likely allow you to do it since it is what they are going to do anyway.

Here, the chances are pretty high since the money comes from random people who won’t even check what they are dropping on the basket. Abandoned churches are also a perfect site for coin hunting.

Old Parks

Image source: Wikimedia Commons

Parks are places where kids have fun. It is also a perfect place for family bonding.

There are stores all over the place and there could be some amusement rides too. You can also see kids running around and having the times of their lives.

Through the years, they might have dropped lots of coins. If not, some stores have dropped coins too.

You can use this opportunity to search for old coins. The chances are higher. It is just scary to look for an old coin in an abandoned park. You can do it with someone to make it less scary.

Old Battlegrounds

Image source: Flickr

There are places in the US or even around the world that used to be old battlegrounds. These places have massive human interactions. There is a chance for you to find some old coins buried underneath.

You can also target places of the earliest civilizations. There, you might find really old coins of huge value. You need some sort of research here to narrow down your options.

Use a Metal Detector

Before heading to the best places to find old coins, you need to see to it that you use a metal detector. It increases your chances of looking for something special

You don’t have to comb through the entire place with your bare hands just to find debris and waste. You can use the metal detector to limit the areas where you can dig deeper. It will let you know which areas could have old coins.

Coin hunting can be fun but exhausting. You might also end up with nothing at all. The point is you have to enjoy the process and just have fun while searching.


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