1899 Liberty Head Nickel: Beginning Of A Decade Of Mintage Increases

1899 Nickel

Liberty Head Nickel Overview Despite being relatively unknown to most collectors, Liberty Head nickels have a niche following with collectors who constantly look to find the best examples. Other collectors have found that collections of Liberty Head nickels can be put together for a relatively low price. No matter the collector, most agree that the … Read more

1967 Kennedy Half Dollar: Premium Grades Are Worth A Mint

1967 Kennedy Half Dollar

Possibly one of the most well-known and beloved coins for one of the most popular US presidents––John F. Kennedy––the Kennedy Half Dollar is saved by many collectors and non-collectors alike. Although it is rare to find this coin in circulation today, Kennedy Half Dollars are still produced. After congress authorized the creation of a new … Read more

1927 Peace Dollar: MS-66 Example Brings $28,000

1927 Silver Dollar

Peace Dollar OverviewSilver Dollars were iconic coins that were used almost as frequently as cash during their time in circulation. The Peace Dollar was no different and enjoyed wide use during its years of mintage.Anthony de Francisci, a sculptor and artist, was commissioned by the United States mint in 1920 to create the United States’ … Read more

1946 Walking Liberty Half Dollar: A Common Doubled Die Variety

1946 Walking Liberty Half Dollar

Walking Liberty Half Dollar OverviewElegant and eye catching, the Walking Liberty Half Dollar was one of America’s longest lived Half Dollars ever produced. The series was produced long enough to see two world wars and the greatest financial collapse in history.Adolph Weinman was the designer of the Walking Liberty Half Dollar, submitting his design to … Read more