1919 Wheat Penny: Mint Mark Makes Big Difference in Value

1919 Wheat Penny

The wheat penny, whose mintage history spans nearly 50 years, is today one of the most commonly collected coins and is very popular with beginning collectors. 1909, the centennial anniversary of Abraham Lincoln’s birth, marked the first year of mintage for the wheat penny, also known as the Lincoln cent. Preceded by the Indian Head … Read more

1961 Washington Quarter: High Mintage Brings Down Value

1961 Quarter

Washington Quarter Overview This classic American coin, with its iconic and attractive design, is a great series that anyone can collect. The Washington quarter began originally as a way to honor the first president of the United States, George Washington. It was first struck in 1932, the bicentennial of Washington’s birth, when the Great Depression … Read more

1887 Morgan Silver Dollar: High Grades Are Cheap And Abundant

1887 Morgan Silver Dollar

As the most popular dollar series coin ever produced, the Morgan silver dollar has seen great collector following in modern times. Because of government regulations and hoarding, many Morgan dollars can be found in high uncirculated grades. George T. Morgan was responsible for creating both the obverse and reverse designs of the coin in 1878. … Read more

1951 Washington Quarter: An Abundance of High-Grade Coins

1951 Quarter

Washington quarters have been a favorite among modern collectors because of their pleasing design and relative abundance. The design has been so successful that it is still made today, although somewhat changed. To find a design for the new US quarter, the Mint held a competition for designs that paid tribute to founding father, president, … Read more

1883 Morgan Silver Dollars: Uncirculated Examples are Plentiful

1883 Morgan Silver Dollar

A legendary coin that amazes all that hold it, the Morgan silver dollar has great prestige among collectors and noncollectors alike. Minted during quite possibly the greatest time of American history, the Morgan dollar is a staple in any collector’s stockpile. Designed by US Mint assistant engraver George T. Morgan, the Morgan dollar would first … Read more