1883 Liberty Head Nickel: “Cents” on Reverse Raises Value

1883 Nickel

Liberty Head Nickel Overview Also known as Liberty nickels or V nickels, the Liberty Head nickel is a classic piece of American coinage that often goes unnoticed by beginning collectors. First minted in 1883, the Liberty Head nickel was the successor to the Shield nickel, which had been difficult to produce throughout its mintage. The … Read more

1950 Quarter: Mint Mark Varieties Bring High Premiums

1950 Quarter

Washington Quarter Overview A long lasting commemoration of America’s first president, the Washington quarter is a quintessential piece of US coinage and a great coin for beginning collectors. The Washington quarter was first minted in 1932 during the Great Depression. The economic crisis meant that the demand for new quarters was more or less nonexistent. … Read more

1932 Quarter: Look for Denver and San Francisco Mint Marks

1932 Quarter

Washington Quarter Overview One of the most iconic pieces of American currency, the Washington quarter is a very attractive and recognizable coin that is an accessible series for any collector. The Washington quarter was minted for the first time in 1932, the bicentennial of George Washington’s birth. It was the successor to the Standing Liberty … Read more

1964 Lincoln Memorial Penny: Red Coins Bring Highest Values

1964 Penny

Lincoln Memorial Penny Overview Minted continuously for nearly 60 years, the Lincoln Memorial penny is the most familiar cent piece to the majority of Americans today. This coin was first struck in 1959, the sesquicentennial (150-year anniversary) of Abraham Lincoln’s birth. It was the successor to the much beloved Wheat penny which had been minted … Read more