1929 Penny: What to Look for To Find the Value of this Coin

Image source: Wikimedia CommonsA Bird’s Eye View of the 1929 PennyDid you know that in 1929 approximately 185,262,000 pennies were minted? They were referred to as the 1929 pennies or the Lincoln Wheat Penny coins. The 1929 penny was called a “Wheat Penny” because it had bars of wheat with the words “one cent” stamped at … Read more

Best Magnifying Glass for Coins: 5 Outstanding Prospects

Image source: Wikimedia CommonsBest Magnifying Glass for Coins for 2016Coin collecting is no easy task. It requires great talent, as well as a good eye for spotting specific details that will verify the value of a coin. Unfortunately, most of these defining details that will help you pinpoint which coin to buy are not easily seen … Read more

The Best Way to Clean Pennies: 5 Ways to Clean them if You Must

Image courtesy: PixabayThe Best Way to Clean Pennies… Or Not.Being a penny collector is not just about finding rare collectible pennies but also maintaining them. Coin cleaning is a significant part of coin collecting because this keeps your coins in pristine condition. It also prolongs the life span of your coins and makes it a sight … Read more

Ultimate Guide to Rare Collectible Pennies

Prized Pennies and their Real ValueWith United States of America’s continuously growing directory of valuable coins, collecting pennies became an alluring and pleasurable pastime. The majority of modern penny collectors begin as children, some get their first collection as hand-me-downs from parents or grandparents, and learn the delight of collecting at a very young age. Some … Read more

How to Make a Penny Stove: 6 Steps to Your Own Camp Cooker

Image courtesy: Wikimedia CommonsCampers are very familiar with penny stoves as they come in handy for boiling water and cooking simple meals while in camp sites. A penny stove is an excellent, light and cheap replacement for other portable and expensive kerosene stoves. It is sometimes called a Pepsi/soda/beer can stove, a pocket size camp stove … Read more

How to Melt Copper: Tips for Doing It Yourself

Image courtesy: pixabayCopper is one stubborn metal that has a high melting point reaching up to 1,085°C. The conventional way of melting copper is through the use of large-scale equipment for mass producing great quantities of copper, such as induction furnaces and foundries.  However, with the widespread availability and practicality of copper a new, smaller-scale technique … Read more

7 Tips for How to Remove Corrosion from Metal

Image courtesy: flickrHow to Remove Corrosion Using Only Household ProductsCorrosion is of one of the most common problems with metals, which happens when there is oxidation, the process in which metal combines with oxygen. Batteries and some galvanized steel often get corrosion when left unattended for a long time. Corrosion and rust can degrade and weaken … Read more

Coin Roll Hunting Tips: 5 Easy Tips for this Essential Strategy

Coin Roll Hunting Tips for Beginners that are Easy to FollowCoin roll hunting is a process of searching or sorting coins that have already been out of the circulation. They are called collectible coins. As years go by, these items increase in value and so it has become a serious hobby for many people. There are … Read more