How to Find Old Coins: 8 Places for Coin Shooters to Look

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A collector will always be a collector.

Collecting items like stamps and coins are such fun to do as a hobby or even as an income generator. Usually those who collect these items started collecting them as part of memories they want to keep.

Stamps were plenty during the age of snail mail. Coins are collected by travelers. They used to keep various pieces of money from countries they had gone to. Now there are people who get the hang of collecting old coins.

Actually getting old coins can be easy if you know how to find them.

Getting Started

Finding coins can be fun yet it entails a little hard work. One has to be resourceful because there are really a lot of places where coins can be found. There are about a dozen places where you can find coins just waiting for takers. Here is a short list of some of them:

  • Antique shops often than not they have some old coins that you might have interest in.
  • Old houses that have been abandoned are full of surprises and a lot of old coins can be found usually under beds and seats.
  • Backyards have a lot of stories to share and often than not there are treasures buried underneath.
  • Posthole banks often have coins buried because farmers felt that these were safer places to keep their money.
  • Rivers, creeks and beneath bridges are some of the places where coins are found. These are where thieves usually throw their loots when seized by cops.
  • Walls most likely have treasures hidden. Take a look at loose walls or those with unusual holes in them.
  • Creaking stairs can also be a place to find treasures like old coins.
  • In your own home there are places where you can find treasures just like in your attic where old folks have kept some of their valuables including money.

There are a lot more places where you can find coins or better yet old coins. You just have to think out of the box and try to see where you would hide your treasures yourself.

You might not know it but the coins you now have on hand might be worth a fortune. At times it pays to keep things and let them age for some time. Their value goes up the older they get.

What to Do Next

After knowing where you can possibly find coins or better yet old coins, you have to do a little digging.

You might have uncertainties as to exactly where you can find something valuable in an area. Another concern is you do not want to dig, so what option do you have?

You can make use of a metal detector. A coin shooter needs some metal detecting gears and a good metal detector. You should have a hand held pin pointer, a pouch and a trowel. Now you are all set to be a coin shooter.

Getting to Know Old Coins

As you find your way on how to find old coins and being good if not the best coin shooter, you would realize that what are in your hands are some old and valuable coins. If you want to know important facts about the coins you have on hand, you can make you of these tips for researching your old coins:

  • Check eBay links. They have a lot of details about coins they have for auction. You can also get an idea of the value of your old coins.
  • Check search pages. There are lots of search pages on details of old coins.
  • Try sending pictures of your collections to coin dealers and they will help you identify your coins.

Being a coin shooter is a fantastic hobby, or should we say a very exciting job to have.

Finding an old coin is like unveiling a secret or uncovering a long lost history. For every coin you get there is a story that goes with it.

It is very fulfilling in terms of the information we get about it and the monetary value we get in exchange for it.

Coin shooting can be very tiring but in the end knowing how to find old coins and all the efforts you put into it will be worth your time.


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