1944 Liberty Dime – Higher Value with Full Bands

1944 Liberty Dimes

Liberty Dime Overview The 1944 Liberty dime also called the Mercury dime is sought after by collectors and investors. This dime had a run of 39 years of production from the US mint. It was first minted in 1916, which means during the liberty dimes production it saw the United States go through the Great … Read more

Where to Find Gold in Georgia: Three Places to Prospect for Gold

A list of places to find gold in Georgia.

Finding Gold in Georgia  In decades-long ago, the thought of finding gold would mean instant riches and indescribable wealth. During the California Gold Rush in the mid-1800s, the quantity of gold extracted during the 6-year timeframe went from a value of around five million dollars to over ten times that. With roughly 300,000 individuals traveling … Read more

Where to Find Gold in Michigan

Where to find gold in Michigan

Find Gold in Michigan As children, you searched for gold in our backyards and played in the local creek with a pan. Panning for gold in Michigan and digging for gold does not have to be a sport for children with a bit of imagination. The United States, in particular, Michigan, is covered with gold, … Read more

How to Clean Coins with Coke

How to clean coins with coke

Cleaning Coins with Coke  Coins are wonderful items to collect, however, you will probably find that they are pretty dirty when you receive them — especially if you hunt for them with a metal detector. Using coke has proven to be one of the easiest methods to clean your coins. However, let us first look … Read more

1953 $2 Dollar Bill Value | What’s it worth?

1953 $2 dollar bill value

1953 $2 Dollar Bill In 2016, Forbes published a story about an eighth-grade student who was ‘arrested’ for using a $2 bill to pay for lunch at her school cafeteria. The situation was finally resolved after police officers traced the origin of the bill to a convenience store and then to the bank for verification … Read more

1950 $20 Dollar Bill Value | What’s it worth?

What is the 1950 $20 dollar bill value?

1950 Twenty Dollar Bill What is the 1950 $20 dollar bill value? In most cases, a twenty dollar bill from 1950 will be worth its face value, or up to perhaps double that if in uncirculated condition. There are certain exceptions, however. If the bill has a particular serial number, a misprint or is a … Read more

2013 $2 Bill Value | What’s it worth?

2013 $2 bill value

2013 $2 Bill  What would you think if someone paid you using a $2 bill? For most people, their response would be skepticism at the unusual bill. That is because $2 bills are not very common and some people may falsely assume that they are fake. Heather McCabe is an avid collector of $2 bills, … Read more