What is the Value of Petoskey Stones?

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What is the Value of Petoskey Stones?

What is the value of Petoskey stones? A Petoskey stone is made of fossilized coral that lived more than 350-million years ago. We will also assume you know that you can use these stones to make jewelry and crafts. You can also use these stones to add an embellishment on almost anything, or just add them to your rock collection.

These rocks are found in Michigan, but even if you don’t live in Michigan you can gain access to some of the prettiest Petoskey stones you will ever find. It doesn’t matter what you want them for, you will want to find the best ones you can for the best value.

So, what is the value of the Petoskey stones? Well, it really depends on the quality, texture, and the size of the stone. We have taken some time to research the value of the Petoskey stone and what you should know before purchasing them.

Petoskey Stone Buying Guide

Let’s start with this simple guide to buying your Petoskey stones.

First, as we mentioned earlier, you don’t need to live in the state of Michigan to find the stones, although, if you are planning to take a trip to Michigan anytime soon, you might want to consider visiting Lake Michigan where you can find the Petoskey stones for free.

No worries though because there are several places online where you can purchase the stones, and you might be surprised to find them to be rather inexpensive. Most places offer them in bulk or by the pound. 

Unpolished stones are usually the cheapest way to buy them and with unpolished stones, you have the freedom to personalize them and add your own touch to them.

Larger stones might be more expensive and ones expressing more fossilization and a clear pattern, polished or unpolished, might come with a higher price tag as well because they are more valuable than others.

If the pattern doesn’t mean as much to you, try to find ones with more of a microscopic design; even when they’re polished, they are still usually cheaper than the brighter ones. 

If you know what you want to use the stones for then you will have an easier time making your decision.

Petoskey Stone Value per Pound

What is the per pound value of a Petoskey stone? Find out here.

You might be surprised to learn that a pound of Petoskey stones is not as expensive as you may think.

According to Sturgeon River Pottery, you can purchase unpolished Petoskey stones for only $4.00 a pound. They offer all sizes from small to large and you can even mix them up if you want. 

You will find that a pound of polished Petoskey stones will cost a bit more than the unpolished ones. So, if you’re willing to shine the stones yourself, purchasing a pound of unpolished stones seems to be the most economical way to buy them without physically picking through them yourself and gathering them for free.

Polished Petoskey Stone Value

Now, when it comes to polished Petoskey stones, they might be a bit more expensive, ranging in price from $10.00 to $100.00, and that might be for just one stone. Again though, this depends on the extent of the design on the stones. 

We assume that since these stones are already polished, showing their clear beauty, that’s what makes their value higher than the unpolished stones.

Unpolished Petoskey Stone Value

What is the value of unpolished Petoskey stones? We discuss here.

We’ve already determined that purchasing unpolished Petoskey stones is still your best value if you want to purchase them by the pound but be aware that some unpolished stones purchased alone can also be as high as $100.00, depending on the size and design.

Some unpolished stones have the same bright characteristics as the polished stones, which makes the unpolished Petoskey stone as valuable as the polished ones.

Petoskey Stone Price Comparison Chart

Find a Petoskey stone price comparison chart to help you determine the value of your Petoskey stones.

The following is a price comparison chart based on recent eBay sales. We have put this chart together just for your information to give you a better idea of what you can buy. As you will see from this chart, the unpolished stones are the lowest priced. Be sure and compare the quantity along with the size and weight of the stones when making your comparisons. 

Description Quantity Price Size and/or Weight
Raw Unpolished 7 $9.99 1 pound
Unpolished 4 $14.00 14.4 – ounce
Unpolished Stone Slabs 11 $33.00 ¼- inch thick 2 pounds
Hand-Polished High Gloss 1 $55.00 Approx. 7- inch circumference
Unpolished with Clear Markings 3 $9.00 12.1- ounces 
Small Unpolished Smooth 20 $24.00 Each stone 1- inch or less Total .28- pounds
Ultra-Polish Shine 1 $50.00 7.97- ounces
Ultra- Gloss Polish 1 $38.00 9.5- inch circumference 

15- ounces

Now that you’ve had a chance to compare some of the prices and you know what’s available to you, get started collecting your stones and enjoy fun arts and crafts with the kids or you can create some beautiful jewelry pieces for yourself. The things you can do with these stones are endless. 

If you want to get the most out of the experience then purchasing unpolished Petoskey stones that you can clean and polish yourself can be a lot of fun, but if you want to get right into your crafts, then you will find plenty of beautifully shined rocks waiting to be added to your projects. 

Knowing what you’re looking for is the most important part of your Petoskey stones collection no matter what you want to do with them. So, now that you know what the value of the Petoskey stones is you should have no problem getting your collection started and on your way toward your new hobby.

Have fun!