The 3 Best Beach Metal Detecting Scoops

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Beach Metal Detecting Scoop

Beach metal detecting is a rewarding and highly-addictive pastime that is very popular on beaches around the United States. In addition to being a lot of fun, beach metal detecting is a great way to make some extra money!

To make the most of your time on the beach, it is important to take the right equipment. One of the best pieces of equipment for beach metal detecting is a Sand Scoop. It is specifically designed to dig into the ground and filter out sand, making it much easier to extract a find from the ground.

In this guide, I’ll explain the advantages of using a sand scoop and identify the various types of sand scoops. I’ll also share a few tips for choosing a sand scoop for beach metal detecting and showcase some of the best sand scoops on the market. Let’s get started.

Dune Scoops Kraken 11' x 8' Stainless Steel Metal Detector Sand Scoop w/ 2 Mount Holes
Dune Scoops Kraken 11" x 8" Stainless Steel Metal Detector Sand Scoop w/ 2 Mount Holes
Length: 11.5″/290 mm; Width: 8″/200 mm; Height: 4.3″/110 mm; Hole: 0.27″/7 mm (hexagon)
Royal Sand Scoop for Metal Detecting, Beach Scoop, 5' Diameter, Perforated Bill, 33' Long
Royal Sand Scoop for Metal Detecting, Beach Scoop, 5" Diameter, Perforated Bill, 33" Long
Basket Constructed From 18 ga. Steel; 33" Long with a 5" Diameter Basket; Zinc Plated for durability & rust resistance

Why Use a Sand Scoop When Metal Detecting?

benefits of using a sand scoop

The beach is one of the best locations for metal detecting because beachgoers often drop coins, jewelry, phones, and other valuable objects on the sand or in the water. The main challenge is finding these objects using your metal detector and safely extracting them from the sand. This is where a beach scoop comes in handy — it makes extracting your find much easier. The main advantages of using a sand scoop are:

Using a sand scoop is faster

Using a beach scoop makes it possible to pick up and filter huge chunks of sand in a few seconds. This is a much faster process compared to using your hands to feel through the sand for your find. The additional speed you gain means you can quickly determine if a find is valuable before moving on. You will cover much more ground on each outing – which increases how many items you can find in a day.

Using a sand scoop is safer

You never know what the sand contains. There could be broken glass, syringes, sharp rocks, fish hooks or other sharp objects that are capable of piercing your skin. There might even be parts of dangerous animals present in the sand including poisonous fish and jelly fish. Using a sand scooper will keep you safe from injury.

Using a sand scoop is easier on your back

Many sand scoops feature extended handles which allow you to dig into the sand without bending over. This is particularly useful for older detectorists and anyone who suffers from back or knee problems. Because using your metal detector is less stressful on your body, you will be able to extend the duration of your outings and enjoy yourself more.

Beach Metal Detecting Scoops Buyers Guide

metal detecting scoop buyers guide

Before you rush down the street you buy a beach scoop, there are a few considerations to keep in mind. They include:

What is the scoop made from?

The beach can be a very harsh location, with corrosive salt water, high velocity sand particles, harsh UV rays, and plenty of rocks with sharp edges. That’s why it is important to consider the material that each sand scoop is made from. 

The best materials for sand scoops are high-quality plastics, aluminum, and stainless steel. Plastic scoops have the advantage of being rust-proof. However, they are typically weaker than a metal scoop which can be an issue if you are digging in hard ground. A plastic scoop won’t trigger your metal detector, which means you can re-scan your scoop to check if a very small object is still in the scoop.

Metal scoops are much tougher and extremely durable – but you have to make sure the scoop has a rust-resistant coating. If you are going to use your scoop in seawater, a plastic or stainless steel scoop is the best option.

In most cases, the metal scoops will be heavier. This can be both an advantage and a disadvantage. The additional weight makes it harder to carry the scoop for long periods, however, a heavier scoop can be pushed through wet sand, soil, and clay more easily.

How long is the handle?

The length of the hand on a sand scoop can vary significantly and will impact how you use the scoop. Sand scoop handle length can be:


The main advantages of short handle sand scoops is that they are extremely light and don’t up much space. You can clip one onto your belt and won’t even notice that you are carrying it. It’s also easier to be accurate when digging with a short handled scoop. The disadvantage is that you may find yourself bending over more often to use it, which can be an issue if you have a bad back or bad knees. It can also be annoying to use a short scoop if you are searching in water because you will probably get your hands wet when obtaining your find.


Scoops with medium handles are a decent compromise between short and long handled scoops. They are heavier than a short scoop but not as heavy as a long handled one. You can still attach it to your belt and it is fairly easy to control. The additional length makes it easier to search in hard-to-reach locations.


Long handled scoops are perfect for anyone who hates getting on their knees to collect a find. While they are heavy, they can speed up the process of collecting a find and can be used to reach tricky locations. You can even walk next to a body of water and dip your scoop in to find what is below the surface.

It’s important to note that most professional sand scoops are sold without a handle. This is beneficial as you can insert handles of different lengths, depending on how you want to operate that day.

What is the design of the scoop head?

The size and shape of the scoop head can also vary. Larger scoops allow you to grab more material in a single scoop. While this can make getting to your find easier, remember that the scoop will be heavier to carry.

Some scoops will have perforations across the entire scoop head, while others will only have perforations on the base. The size of the perforations can also vary, which may be a factor if you are looking for particularly small objects, like jewelry.

How sharp is the scoop?

If you are searching on a beach where the sand is mixed with harder aggregate, it can often be useful to have a scoop with a sharp edge. This will allow you to penetrate the surface with less effort and get to your find faster. Metal scoops tend to be sharpest and can be hand-sharped to obtain more of an edge.

The Best Beach Metal Detecting Scoops

beach metal detecting scoop reviews.

We have put together a list of the three best beach metal detecting scoops on the market. They are all well-made scoops that are extremely durable, easy to use, and affordable.

CooB Sand Scoop for Metal Detecting

This is an extremely high-quality sand scoop manufactured by CooB. Made from stainless steel, it can be used with or without an extended handle. It is a heavy scoop, with a strong edge, making it suitable for any ground condition including coarse sand, broken shells, pebbles, and dry sand. It will even work well in clay, thanks to its driving power and numerous 10mm hexahedron perforations for quick drainage.

CooB Strong ProSeries Sand Scoop Shovel Metal Detector, Sand Scoops Metal Detecting Tool, Stainless Steel, Hexahedron Holes StealthPro
  • This Sand Scoop Metal Detecting Tool CooB PROSeries – For Professional use! Fully Hand Work + Professional Punching Machine Cutting! Improved Design & Very Strong & Effective. High Quality since 2017. No Crude Forgery - Only Real Quality!
  • Sand Scoop Metal Detecting: Universal model. Designed specially for effective and simple search on the beach, underwater search and surf. Has perfect washing ability. Ground conditions: Coarse sand, Pebbles, Broken Shell. Good in dry sand as well. Excellent for tough job in water with extreme ground conditions.

This scoop is made from 2.0 mm AISI 304 stainless steel. This is an extremely corrosion resistant material which is perfect for beach metal detecting. Stainless steel 304 can also be easily welded, so you can permanently attach a metal handle if you wish. It measures 10.65″/270 mm long, 8″/200 mm wide, and 4.5″/115 mm high, with a weight of approximately 1.4 kgs.


  • Made from extremely durable 304 stainless steel
  • Sharp edge which makes it easy to get into hard ground
  • Plenty of perforations which makes draining thick material easier
  • A professional sand scoop for keen metal detectorists


  • Expensive
  • Does not come with a long/medium handle

Dune Kraken 11” x 8” Stainless Steel Metal Detector Sand Scoop

This is another durable stainless steel metal detector sand scoop that is built to last. Measuring 11.5″/290 mm long, 8″/200 mm wide, and 4.3″/110 mm high, the Dune Kraken is a high-capacity scoop that can filter through large scoops of material very quickly. 

This sand scoop has smaller 7mm hexagon shaped perforations, which makes it more suitable for finding very small objects like necklaces and other pieces of jewelry. The downside of having smaller holes is that it can take longer to filter out certain types of material like wet sand and clay.

One of the best advantages of the Kraken is that it includes two mounting options. You can insert a long handle on the top of the scoop or screw in a hand grip on the front of the scoop. This gives you the ability to change grip options depending on the environmental conditions where you are searching.

Dune sand scoops are handmade products of extremely high-quality and a great choice for the keen metal detectorist.


  • Made from extremely durable 304 stainless steel
  • Large scoop makes filtering material very quick
  • Heavy, which makes punching through tough material easier
  • Comes with short handle


  • Does not come with long/medium handle

Royal Manufacturing Industries Long Handle Beach Sand Scoop

This is a more affordable scoop ideal for amateur metal detectorists. It is a long handled sand scoop with a 33” long handle and 5” diameter basket. The handle features a cushioned grip to improve comfort and the wire bottom design of the basket keeps weight down. This results in an easy-to-use scoop that is quite lightweight. The large perforations also make it easy to filter through dry sand, making it a great choice for the beach. This scoop is zinc plated to protect it from corrosion.

Royal Sand Scoop for Metal Detecting, Beach Scoop, 5" Diameter, Perforated Bill, 33" Long
  • Basket Constructed From 18 ga. Steel
  • 33" Long with a 5" Diameter Basket


  • Affordable
  • Extremely lightweight scoop
  • Handle pre-attached 


  • Cannot be kicked as the scoop’s metal basket would bend
  • Less corrosion protection compared to a stainless steel scoop

I hope you found Best Beach Metal Detecting Scoop useful. For more articles on metal detecting, stay tuned. You can also find the best metal detectors