1957 Silver Quarter – The Value Is In Silver and Proofs!

1957 Quarter TP

1957 Silver Quarter Overview The 1957 Silver Quarter, from the Washington Quarters category, is one of the most sought coins by collectors and investors, with the collection of these coins rising heavily starting in 1965, just a few years after minting.  This category of the quarter had a long-time run of 66 years of production … Read more

1944 Liberty Dime – Higher Value with Full Bands

1944 Liberty Dimes

Liberty Dime Overview The 1944 Liberty dime also called the Mercury dime is sought after by collectors and investors. This dime had a run of 39 years of production from the US mint. It was first minted in 1916, which means during the liberty dimes production it saw the United States go through the Great … Read more