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1926 Mercury Dime: Premium Grades Bring Over $150

Mercury Dime OverviewThe Winged Liberty Head Dime, most commonly known as the Mercury Dime, was a long-running series of US dimes. Today’s collectors seek out high-grade Mercury Dimes to add to their collections due to the potential for future price appreciation.In 1916, Adolph Weinman submitted his design for America’s new dime. The Mint choose Weinman’s […]

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1943 Washington Quarter: Doubled Die Varieties Command Huge Prices

Washington Quarter Overview​The first United States coin to feature Founding Father, Revolutionary War General, and the first United States President, George Washington, was the Quarter Dollar. The design was meant to commemorate Washington’s 200th birthday during the year 1932.​John Flanagan’s design featured George Washington on the obverse and a bald eagle reverse. Both the obverse […]

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1945 Mercury Dime: Production Booms During World War 2

Mercury Dime OverviewA practically unknown dime design among non-collectors, the Mercury Dime has a strong following by many collectors. With elegant obverse and reverse designs, it is regarded as one of the most beautiful dimes ever made.Designed by Adolph Weinman in 1915, the Mercury Dime was actually named the Winged Liberty Head Dime. Although the […]

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1958 Washington Quarter: Second Lowest Mintage At Philadelphia For Series

Washington Quarter OverviewThe Washington Quarter’s design payed tribute to one of the greatest presidents in US history, George Washington. The first US President is possibly the most well-known and liked presidents of all time.To commemorate the great deeds that Washington did for the country as a Founding Father, Revolutionary War General, and US President, the […]

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1936 Mercury Dime: The Value & History Behind This Coin

Mercury Dime OverviewWith a design that showcased the beauty of modern American art, the Winged Liberty Dime is regarded as one of the most beautiful dimes ever minted. Commonly called the Mercury Dime, the bust is not of the Roman God Mercury but rather Liberty wearing a winged cap.The unique obverse and reverse were designed […]

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1963 Silver Washington Quarter: Price Of Silver Influences Value

Washington Quarter OverviewThe Washington Quarter was designed during a time of multiple design changes for several varying coin designs that spanned 15 years. It was a replacement for the Standing Liberty Quarter. This change was meant to help update the look of the quarter dollar to a more modern design.John Flanagan, a sculptor, was chosen […]

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1958 Franklin Half Dollar: Learn How To Grade The Franklin Half Dollar

Franklin Half Dollar OverviewMade to commemorate the Founding Father Benjamin Franklin, the Franklin Half Dollar has been a favorite of collectors for decades. With a simple pleasing obverse and reverse design, it’s no wonder that most collectors have an extensive collection of Franklin Half Dollars.John Sinnock, who was the chief engraver at the time, started […]

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