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1927 Peace Dollar: MS-66 Example Brings $28,000

Peace Dollar OverviewSilver Dollars were iconic coins that were used almost as frequently as cash during their time in circulation. The Peace Dollar was no different and enjoyed wide use during its years of mintage.Anthony de Francisci, a sculptor and artist, was commissioned by the United States mint in 1920 to create the United States’ […]

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1904 Morgan Silver Dollar: High Grades Exhibit Poor Strike Quality

Morgan Silver Dollar OverviewBy far the most popular silver dollar ever produced, the Morgan silver dollar, is now the most sought-after silver dollar by collectors. Uncirculated examples are always in demand for their investment potential and low-grade Morgans are bought up by silver investors. With two markets competing for the same coin, the demand has […]

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1904 Indian Head Penny: Lower Mintage Due To Large Supply

Indian Head Penny OverviewThe Indian Head penny was a unique coin that featured an obverse that paid tribute to the Native Americans. Although a new and rather different design, the Indian Head penny was accepted by the populace and saw heavy circulation. Today, many collectors still seek Indian Head pennies for their simple but unique […]

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1918 Mercury Dime: Few Uncirculated Examples Remain

Mercury Dime OverviewMost commonly known as the Mercury Dime, the Winged Liberty Dime series witnessed times of great wealth, war, and economic disaster. Regarded as one of the most beautiful dime designs, the Mercury Dime is a favorite among collectors.Designed and put into mintage in 1916 by sculptor Adolph Weinman, the Mercury Dime would be […]

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1915 Wheat Penny: 2,000 Estimated To Be In Mint State Condition

Wheat Penny OverviewFirst minted in 1909, the Lincoln cent was the first coin to feature a past US president. The public loved the addition of Abraham Lincoln and celebrated the new one-cent piece. Even today, Lincoln’s bust can be found on the front of one-cent pieces.Victor Brenner was the designer of the Lincoln cent and […]

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1923 Buffalo Nickel: Look For Two-Feather Varieties

Buffalo Nickel OverviewMade to honor the Native Americans that inhabited the United States and the contributions that they made to America, the Buffalo Nickel became the most popular nickel of the time. Today, the Buffalo Nickel still enjoys popularity among collectors and can be found in almost all collections.James Fraser was the Buffalo Nickel designer […]

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1946 Walking Liberty Half Dollar: A Common Doubled Die Variety

Walking Liberty Half Dollar OverviewElegant and eye catching, the Walking Liberty Half Dollar was one of America’s longest lived Half Dollars ever produced. The series was produced long enough to see two world wars and the greatest financial collapse in history.Adolph Weinman was the designer of the Walking Liberty Half Dollar, submitting his design to […]

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1927 Standing Liberty Quarter: Large Number of Premium Grades Survive

Standing Liberty Quarter OverviewMinted during a time that saw some of the best coin designs in American history, the Standing Liberty quarter was no exception to excellence in design. After a few bumpy first years, the Standing Liberty quarter was accepted and cherished by consumers across the country.Hermon MacNeil designed both the obverse and reverse […]

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