1956 Washington Quarter: Using Proof Dies To Make Business Strikes

1956 quarter

One of the most recognizable coins in modern US history, the Washington quarter finds a home in many people’s collections. With the introduction of the state and national park series to the Washington quarter, the series has seen many new collectors enter the marketplace. John Flanagan was responsible for the creation of the original Washington … Read more

1887 Morgan Silver Dollar: High Grades Are Cheap And Abundant

1887 Morgan Silver Dollar

As the most popular dollar series coin ever produced, the Morgan silver dollar has seen great collector following in modern times. Because of government regulations and hoarding, many Morgan dollars can be found in high uncirculated grades. George T. Morgan was responsible for creating both the obverse and reverse designs of the coin in 1878. … Read more

1943 Walking Liberty Half Dollar: An Iconic Coin Anyone Can Own

1943 liberty half dollar

Part of a popular and closely followed series, the Walking Liberty half dollar finds itself in many collections. Ease of purchase and pleasing design details makes this coin an easy choice for new and experienced collectors alike. After opening a contest to find the design for the next half dollar, the US Mint chose sculptor … Read more

1951 Washington Quarter: An Abundance of High-Grade Coins

1951 Quarter

Washington quarters have been a favorite among modern collectors because of their pleasing design and relative abundance. The design has been so successful that it is still made today, although somewhat changed. To find a design for the new US quarter, the Mint held a competition for designs that paid tribute to founding father, president, … Read more

1883 Morgan Silver Dollars: Uncirculated Examples are Plentiful

1883 Morgan Silver Dollar

A legendary coin that amazes all that hold it, the Morgan silver dollar has great prestige among collectors and noncollectors alike. Minted during quite possibly the greatest time of American history, the Morgan dollar is a staple in any collector’s stockpile. Designed by US Mint assistant engraver George T. Morgan, the Morgan dollar would first … Read more

1912 Liberty Head Nickel: The End Of A Series

1912 Nickel

The Liberty Head nickel was a coin with a simple design that had great success among consumers and has now found a place in today’s coin collectors’ hoards. Liberty Head nickels can still be had for reasonable prices, which makes them a great coin for casual collectors and those interested in American history. Charles Barber, … Read more

1908 Liberty Head Nickel: Panic of 1907 Leads to Lower Mintages

1908 Nickel

With a simple but pleasing design, the Liberty nickel became a public favorite when the coin was first released. Today, collectors continue to show their love for the Liberty nickel by adding it to their collections. Even new collectors can easily start collecting Liberty nickels because they are relatively cheap and can be commonly found … Read more