Where to Find Gold in Georgia: Three Places to Prospect for Gold

A list of places to find gold in Georgia.

Finding Gold in Georgia  In decades-long ago, the thought of finding gold would mean instant riches and indescribable wealth. During the California Gold Rush in the mid-1800s, the quantity of gold extracted during the 6-year timeframe went from a value of around five million dollars to over ten times that. With roughly 300,000 individuals traveling … Read more

Where to Find Gold in Michigan

Where to find gold in Michigan

Find Gold in Michigan As children, you searched for gold in our backyards and played in the local creek with a pan. Panning for gold in Michigan and digging for gold does not have to be a sport for children with a bit of imagination. The United States, in particular, Michigan, is covered with gold, … Read more

How to Tell If Gold is Real with Vinegar

How to tell if gold is real using vinegar

Testing Gold with Vinegar There are plenty of metals and minerals that look like gold including iron pyrite (Fool’s Gold), brass, weathered mica, and chalcopyrite. You don’t want to trot into town to show off a ‘gold nugget’ only to have someone tell you it is iron pyrite or a piece of weathered mica! Fortunately, … Read more

Where to Find Gold in Texas: 11 Locations Likely to Hold Gold

Find Gold in Texas Gold remains one of the most sought-after metals on the planet. Its consistent high price means that gold prospecting can be extremely profitable — as long as you know where to look for gold deposits. All you need is some good prospecting equipment, gritty determination, and local knowledge. Although Texas is … Read more

How to Find Gold In Colorado: Strike It Rich In the Rockies

how to find gold in colorado

Image source: Wikimedia CommonsHow to Find Gold in ColoradoProspecting for gold has been a part of America’s history, culture and heritage. Since the 1800’s, people have travelled to different parts of the country in search for this precious metal. For people who were lucky enough to mine vast amounts of gold, word would spread easily causing … Read more

Best Sluice Box: 5 Dream Options for Gold Prospectors

Image source: Wikimedia CommonsBest Sluice Box for 2016Gold prospecting is done in different parts of a river. Knowing where to find a viable prospect site is only one part of the whole process. Gold prospectors also need to get the proper gear before they start. Among the basic things needed is the sluice box. These are narrow … Read more

How to Build a Sluice Box: The 7 Things You Need to Do It Right

Image courtesy: Wikimedia Commons Gold, gold, and more gold! Seems like some rivers don’t run out of it. They keep washing downstream and sometimes you’re lucky to find them, sometimes you’re not. All of this is a part of that excitement in finding gold. If you’ve already caught some of that gold fever for some time now, you’re … Read more