1953 $2 Dollar Bill Value | What’s it worth?

1953 $2 dollar bill value

1953 $2 Dollar Bill In 2016, Forbes published a story about an eighth-grade student who was ‘arrested’ for using a $2 bill to pay for lunch at her school cafeteria. The situation was finally resolved after police officers traced the origin of the bill to a convenience store and then to the bank for verification … Read more

1950 $20 Dollar Bill Value | What’s it worth?

What is the 1950 $20 dollar bill value?

1950 Twenty Dollar Bill What is the 1950 $20 dollar bill value? In most cases, a twenty dollar bill from 1950 will be worth its face value, or up to perhaps double that if in uncirculated condition. There are certain exceptions, however. If the bill has a particular serial number, a misprint or is a … Read more

2013 $2 Bill Value | What’s it worth?

2013 $2 bill value

2013 $2 Bill  What would you think if someone paid you using a $2 bill? For most people, their response would be skepticism at the unusual bill. That is because $2 bills are not very common and some people may falsely assume that they are fake. Heather McCabe is an avid collector of $2 bills, … Read more

What is a Mule Note? | Mule Note Currency Explained

Explanation of what a mule note is

Mule Note In the 1920s, currency received a new face. Some alteration were minor, such as removing the article “the” from the seal, and others were major as in the look of the White House. Some parts of the new design used engravings while others utilized a different color for an overlay on printed text … Read more

1928 $2 Dollar Bill Value

What is the 1928 $2 dollar bill value

What’s the 1928 $2 Dollar Bill Worth?  Do you want to know the 1928 $2 bill value? You’ve reached the right place. In this post, I’ll explain why this bill is such a popular collectible and tell you how much a 1928 $2 bill is worth. Most people who receive a $2 bill immediately become … Read more