Best Metal Detectors for Gold: 3 for Finding Valuable Treasure

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Even These Best Metal Detectors for Gold Won’t Guarantee Results, But They'll Get the Job Done

Metal detectors might seem like ordinary devices, but they have the ability to look for metals that are considered valuable. For instance, it can search for gold.

Imagine if you invest on a device which is around a thousand bucks or less and you luckily find a mineral worth thousands of dollars. It would be amazing.

Though the chances are not that great, you can still have fun during the process. Besides, if you have a high quality metal detector, it can also detect other items made from metals. You can even search for old artifacts and relics that may be valuable too.

The best metal detectors for gold may cost a lot and so it is perfect for those who have prior experience in using metal detectors and are comfortable with it.


Fisher Gold Bug Metal Detector

For a professional treasure hunt, this metal detector is extremely cheap at just $380.

It is also very light.

It is among the lightest models you can find out there. It means that even if you stay long outside in quest for valuable gold, you won’t feel tired at all. It will feel like you are just holding a stick while walking.

It has a large LCD monitor which allows you to view the numbers displayed. Then, you can check out the potential targets and eliminate the rest.

It has a computer assisted ground grab and ground balance. It means that it can continuously do readings and detect signals even if you are not moving.

At 19 kHz operating frequency, it is really high so you can expect positive results. It also has a long battery life so you can stay outside longer.


Whites Goldmaster Shooter DD

For those who are really on a tight budget, but are interested in a professional metal detector, you can go for this model. It is really cheap at just $149.

It may not be as powerful as other products, but it is from Goldmaster so you can expect better results. It can assure you of superb performance even on extreme grounds.

It also has better sensitivity especially for smaller objects. The chances of locating gold in huge sizes might not be possible, but tiny stones can be found.

You can bring this device in any terrain or areas covered with trash and you can still be assured of great results.

The stick that you can hold while searching is longer and narrower too. Therefore, it is comfortable to use.


Minelab Eureka Gold Metal Detector

Before thinking about investing on this product, you have to understand that it is designed for professional use. If you are really serious in looking for gold or are even thinking of making it your full time job, then go for it.

This device is highly recommended by experts. It can yield positive results.

If you are patient and persistent, this machine can make you really wealthy. You need a very high initial capital of over 1 thousand dollars to bring this model home. However, as you start using it, you will realize that the amount you have invested gradually comes back.

It has an easy switch on and exclusive triple frequency technology. It means that it can detect items way better than any other model out there.

It also employs the ACCU-TRAK digital ground balance. Therefore, you can increase the depth in which it can transmit signals. It is super sensitive, but it also shuts down other unnecessary noise and signal so you can easily focus.

Those who have tried this product before can guarantee you that it has the ability to search for gold on a more frequent basis.

These metal detectors have a very wide price range. It is ultimately up to you on what time of metal detector you would decide to invest your money on.

You have to assess your goal in buying one. If you are just up for fun, then basic metal detector packages are good enough for you. Otherwise, you really have to invest on the best metal detectors for gold.

You can truly look forward to the day when you finally find a valuable metal.

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