3 of the Best Rock Tumblers for Polishing Precious Stones

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The Best Rock Tumblers Will Transform Ordinary Stones Into Something Precious

The precious stones that you see in jewelry shops don’t look exactly like that when they were found. They have gone through a lot of processes before they reached that look.

When you are hunting for precious stones yourself, you also have to understand that you will first see an ordinary stone that looks like everything else. You need to polish those stones first before their true colors are revealed.

This is why you need the best rock tumblers. They are perfect for amateur treasure hunters like you. With these tumblers, you can easily turn ordinary rock into gemstones in no time.


National Geographic Rock Tumbler Starter Science Kit

This starter kit is perfect for kids.

They will surely have fun seeing the transformation of stones as they go through the tumbler. The ordinary stones that you could barely recognize before will turn into a precious gem stone in just a few minutes.

The best part is that even if it is your first time to use this device, you won’t have a hard time. It comes with instructions that you can easily follow.

Once used, you will notice its powerful motor doing the job. It also comes with a leak-proof chamber which makes the device even more durable.

At $60, you can expect this device to last for a long time. It is also lightweight so you can bring it with you wherever you decide to go for a hunting trip. The reason why it is perfect for kids since it also comes with a mini book containing trivia about precious stones.


NSI Rock Tumbler Classic

This product is slightly cheaper at just $36. It also provides the same quality result.

Rough stones going through this tumbler will be turned into high luster gemstones in no time. It is best used by kids who are 10 years old and above.

It is also a beginner set that can be easily used since the package comes with clear instructions. It is not recommended for younger kids though since they might hurt themselves during the process.

For best results, you can run your stones through this tumbler over and over again. This will make sure that the stones remain lustrous over a long time. You also need to lubricate the tumbler so it will continue to function well for a long time.


6 Lb. Rotary Dual Drum Rock Tumbler Lapidary Polisher

If you want to try a rock tumbler for a more professional use, then this is the product that fits you. It is more expensive at $68, but it is worth the cost.

It comes with rubber barrels for a quieter operation. It also has a 3-pound capacity for its drums. It is perfect for larger stones. Compared with other options, this is considered high end.

It is also made from materials that will assure you they are going to last for a long time. Even if you need to spend a lot just to buy one, you will still avoid spending more in the future since it is low maintenance.

Even if it is the most expensive product from this list, a lot of people consider it a great buy. They have tried using the tumbler several times, and it does not falter in showing great results.

As always, not everything that glitters is gold. In contrary, not all stones that look ordinary can stay that way. There are rock tumblers than can transform these ordinary stones into something way more polished.

You won’t even believe how these stones used to look like once they have gone through the tumbler. Imagine if you keep running the stones on the device over and over again. The results will surely blow you away.

You can start with ordinary stones that you can find in your backyard and see the results. Later, you can run stones that you have found while treasure hunting.

The results might even be better.

You just have to invest a few dollars to bring home the best rock tumblers. Besides, it can be very fun for your kids. If you are amazed with the transformation, imagine how they would feel once they try using the device.

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