Best Vibratory Tumbler: 5 Perfect Tools for Flawlessly Clean Metal

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Best Vibratory Tumbler For 2016

Gun reloaders see to it that they have all the gear that they need. In the case of buying tumblers, most are a little bit confused on which kind of tumbler to go with.

There are two kinds of tumbler – one is the vibratory tumbler and the other is the rotary tumbler. Both of these products are widely used but they differ with their function.

Rotary tumblers are made to polish rough surfaces while the vibratory tumblers serve the purpose of cleaning metal casing. In order for you to get the best vibratory tumbler, you will need to consider a couple of things, like the size, and the weight. Below are the top 5 options that you can choose from.


Frankford Arsenal Quick-n-Ez Case Tumbler

Polish your brass casing and other items with the market’s leading best vibratory tumbler.

The Frankford Arsenal is furnished with its high-powered tumbling action. It features a glass cover so you can readily monitor the changes in your brass pieces.

It can also contain more because of its uniquely large container. It can fit at most 600 pieces of 9 mm brass cases. It works well with the specialized corn and walnut media provided by Frankford Arsenal to remove oxidation and lube.

This tumbler weighs only 5.6 pounds and you can put it away easily when you are not using it.


Vibratory Tumbler Bowl with Liquid Drain Hose

This heavy-duty vibratory tumbler bowl weighs 18 lbs.

It comes with a motor housing made from 18-gauge steel, a polyethylene drum and a sturdy plastic lid. As compared to the rotary tumbler sold in the market, the vibratory mechanism of this tumbler bowl gives its users faster and more dependable results.

The bowl sits on a stable rubber footing to prevent it from slipping when it starts to operate. It has a total diameter of 10-1/2 inches, which enables you to insert and remove items easily. You can use different kinds of media to polish your items and you can easily remove the dirty water with the draining hose.


Lyman Pro 1200 Tumbler

The Lyman Pro 1200 features a built in sift which facilitates faster separation of the media and the polished items.

This tumbler is well known because the sifting media is already included in the product’s package. That can save the buyers a considerable amount of cash that they can use to purchase the polishing media instead.

The Lyman Pro can hold up to 2 lbs. and clean up to 350 cases for every cycle. The item weighs 6.6 lbs. and it comes with a compact design. This tumbler can be quite noisy when it starts to operate because of the small slits of its top cover.


Raytech 23-001 TV-5 Standard Vibratory Tumbler

The Raytech 23-001 is a 6.7-lb. vibratory tumbler with a 60 Hz motor. It uses 115 V to power its compact engine.

It can be used for both rock polishing and metal finishing. Its 0.05 cubic foot plastic bowl can contain at most 25 metal casings or 4 lbs. of rock.

Like the Frankford Arsenal tumbler, this also comes with a clear acrylic lid so you can check on the progress of your work. Buyers have the option to use it with or without water.

While it offers a more flexible use, manufacturers warn that it cannot be used with steel or ceramic as its media.


Hornady M2 Case Tumbler

With the Hornady M2, you can clean your dirty brass, hassle free.

These brass casing and castings are known to contain abrasives that could scratch your dies’ interiors but they can be removed by rotary or vibratory tumblers. Castings and dies can get a shiny and smooth finish after a few cycles with the Hornady M2.

It features a 7 ¼ inches bowl that can contain 500 9mm brass casting and polishing media. It already comes with a sifter top so you don’t need to buy one anymore. Buyers have the option to use this tumbler without the media. It can be plugged in a 110 volt plug.

Purchasing the best vibratory tumbler is fairly easy because there aren’t a lot of models to choose from.

You will however need to take note on the durability, weight and specification of each item. Some of the models above are heavier than the others. Most of the products above highly regarded for their durability, and these are more durable than the rest of the models available in the market.

Most of the items here only work exclusively on metal casings, but there are other models that can work on polishing rocks as well. You can seldom find vibratory tumblers sold together with their recommended media, but you can purchase these media online or in pet shops.

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