How to Clean Rust Off a Gun: 7 Steps + 1 That Will Save Your Life

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How to Clean Rust Off a Gun

Many people like guns and some find them very attractive. But how many people like guns with rust spots?

The answer is nobody!

Everyone likes clean and good looking guns only. Then comes the question, what about the guns that have rust spots? The good news is that those spots can be removed easily.

This video shows how to clean rust off a gun and restore it to its original beauty.

Removing the rust that has formed on a gun is simple, if you know the right way on how to do it. You could keep a gun rust free by cleaning it regularly.

Remove the Oxidation

The key step on how to clean rust off a gun is to remove the oxidation. Try to do this without spoiling the finish of the gun.

By following these simple steps, you can make the gun look new. The requirements that are needed for cleaning a gun are the basic products which are easily available in the market. You wouldn’t have problems finding them and they are affordable too.

Choosing the Correct Abrasive Material

While cleaning a gun, the abrasive material plays an important role. Using improper abrasive material can damage the finish of the gun. Therefore, try to avoid using materials like sandpaper, wire brush etc. Using a steel wool pad is an efficient way to remove rust from a gun. It is soft and very easy to use.

Lubrication Plays a Key Role

Lubrication plays a key role in rust removal. Any type of oil can be used for removing the rust off a gun. There are many oils that are specially designed for firearms. Even oils like cooking oil and ‘3 in 1’ oil can be used for removing rust. Tissue papers or some old newspapers are also among the things that you would need. You may also use towels in place of these.

Gun Free of Rust

Once all the requirements are ready, start the procedure:

  • Check if the gun is loaded or not. If it is loaded, then unload it to ensure your safety and that of others around you.
  • Try to keep the work area steady and quiet to keep your focus. Use the towels or newspapers for collecting the wastes and for other cleaning purposes.
  • Place the gun steadily so that it does not move while cleaning. Always try to keep the gun pointed in a direction that is safe otherwise there are chances of getting misfired if the gun is loaded.
  • Apply oil on and around the rust that is present on the gun. Avoid applying large amounts of oil; use only a few drops.
  • Use the steel wool pad as an abrasive material to rub the surface of the gun. Don’t apply much pressure otherwise the finish of the gun would be damaged.
  • Be gentle and keep adding the oil to the affected areas. The finish of the gun might be affected if done improperly. The goal is remove the rust and leaving its original finish intact. Applying gun cleaner on a 0000 wool, then rubbing it lightly on the rust could also do the trick. After some time wipe the gun with the towel or tissue papers and check it thoroughly.
  • If the rust remains, repeat the procedure again. Continue this process until the gun becomes rust free. After the initial removal give another coat of lubrication on the gun. Always check the gun at regular intervals.
  • After finishing the entire procedure, reassemble the parts that have been detached and store it in a safe place.

Note that once rust is formed, there are many chances that the same part of the gun will be affected again even if you clean it. Therefore, know how to clean rust off a gun carefully.

In order to prevent rust formation, just apply few drops of oil on the gun and wipe it with a piece of paper or towel. Gently rub until the gun gets uniformly coated. Be careful, don't apply oil to the whole gun at once; apply in a small area at a time.

This is a quick and easy way to prevent rust formation.

Below are more ways to protect guns from rust formation:

  • Try to store the gun in a cool and dry place.
  • Avoid storing them in gun cases. Store them in the cases if and only if the cases are rustproof.
  • Develop habits like wiping the guns regularly with or without oil. Doing this helps in preventing rust formation.

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