Best Place to Find Diamonds for Your Treasure Hunter Travel Bug

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Best Place to Find Diamonds, the Most Beloved Stone

Diamonds are considered one of the world's most precious gemstones. They were first recognized in India and this is where the first mining also took place.

Diamonds are hard and they are prone to contamination only to very few impurities. These gems are typically used in jewelries, as well as on various polishing and cutting tools.

"The world’s rich reserves of diamonds can be found in The Democratic Republic of Congo."

Although they were first discovered in India, they can now be found in different countries and here are the best places to find diamonds.

1. Russia

It might surprise a lot of people, since African nations have been the front runners in the diamond industry for quite some time in the past, but Russia now gets the top post as the best place to find diamonds.

The nation is exceptionally rich in diamonds because of its geological area. Its economy has improved because of its diamond mining industry, aside from its oil and gas trades. Russia contributes around 22% of the world's diamonds supply.

2. Botswana

Botswana’s biggest diamond mining organization is half owned by the administration. The mining business here provides 40% of the country's income and it plays a big part in the worldwide diamonds supply.

3. The Democratic Republic of Congo

The world’s rich reserves of diamonds can be found in The Democratic Republic of Congo.

The general population of this country is one of the poorest in the planet. Although this is the status of living of majority of its people, it is exceedingly rich in diamonds.

Congo might be small in size, but it holds huge deposits of diamonds and it contributes 19% of the world's jewel creation. The nation depends intensely on mining, which now and then triggers horrific clash in the nation.

4. Australia

Australia is one the wealthiest countries around of the globe because of its farm industry, which comprises agrarian items, particularly fleece and wheat, minerals, and vitality. It provides 13% of the world’s diamonds.

5. South Africa

South Africa is one of the most visited around the world because of its numerous delightful and amazing spots. Diamonds are abundant in this nation.

The world's biggest jewel was likewise found in South Africa. A lot of its income and economy rely upon the generation of jewels.

6. Canada

Many people might be surprised but Canada has broken in with the African nations when it comes to diamonds. It has a blended economy and is one of the world's top exchanging nations.

Canada produces $1.47 billion worth of diamonds in the world and its income and economy likewise relies on the jewel mining industry.

7. Angola

Angola is known for its rich wild life and common assets.

This nation's economy suffered because of the Angolan Civil War but it started to recuperate in 2002. Angola is rich in subsoil legacy where its diamond reserves can be found. This African nation gets the vast majority of its income in diamonds and oil creation, which produces 60% of Angola's income.

8. Namibia

Another African nation, Namibia, has a popular geological component known as the Kalahari Desert. Its biggest financial division includes mining, assembling, horticulture and tourism.

Namibia significantly relies on its mineral and diamond generation. It contributes around 1.3% of the world's jewel supply, which adds up to around $0.41 billion.

9. Ghana

The economy of Ghana, which is situated in Africa, has developed because of its rich mechanical minerals, petroleum, and regular gas. It is likewise one of the world's biggest exporters of cocoa.

Ghana is known as one of the best places to find diamonds. Truth be told, its exportation of diamonds, alongside gold, is one of the country’s biggest sources of income.

10. Brazil

The South American nation of Brazil is not just known for its several colorful festivities, espresso beans, and vivacious shorelines.

One of Brazil's regular asset fares is tin metal. Although Brazil might not be the front runner compared to other diamond rich countries, it still makes 0.5% of the world's jewels proving its power in the worldwide mining industry. It takes pride that it is one of the countries in the world where most diamonds are found.

Diamonds are truly the best and most loved stones in the world, and indeed, the song, Diamonds are Forever remains an appropriate description.


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