Best Place to Find Megalodon Teeth: Find the Monster Teeth of Legend

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Image source: Wikimedia Commons

The Best Place to Find Megalodon Teeth to Add to Your Collection

Sharks have been around as long as the dinosaurs.

They have survived the event that made their dinosaur cousins extinct, although some sharks are also extinct today. They have been so for millions of years already.

Megalodon sharks, or Carcharocles Megalodon means famed for jaggedness and big tooth. And they should be called big tooth for the reason that all of shark species, extinct and living, the megalodon shark has the largest teeth, at over seven inches! Imagine being bitten by a shark with really sharp and really long teeth.

And of course, will you have gigantic teeth if you do not have an equally gigantic body? The megalodon grew as big as 60 feet and as heavy as 65 tons!

If you are a shark enthusiast and you collect megalodon teeth for your collection, you are highly like in search of the best place to find megalodon teeth. There are several places you can scout to find these shark teeth that you can add to our collection. Here are a few of them:

Image source: Wikimedia Commons

  • In the Florida area you can go to perhaps the best place to find megalodon teeth. There are a lot of bodies of water where you can go to find a treasure of megalodon teeth.

    For example, he Peace River surrounding DeSoto, Polk and Hardy counties. In this river there is proof that millions of years ago when megalodon sharks still existed, the pregnant females would go to this river to give birth.

    The shallow body of water was a good place for young megalodons to grow bigger and find sufficient food. You can go on a guided tour to find shark teeth by snorkeling in shallow waters.

    Image source: Wikimedia Commons

  • The Smithsonian Museum of Natural History in Washington D.C. is probably the best place you can find megalodon teeth, although you cannot take them home to add to our growing number of shark teeth collection.

    But it is also worth a visit, because there you can get a glimpse of the famed megalodon teeth set on a reimagined megalodon jaw, so you can envision how these teeth were placed in the shark’s mouth.

  • Reputable sellers are the ones that look for megalodon teeth and sell them to enthusiasts and collectors.

    Mega Teeth, a reputable seller based in Savannah, Georgia, dives in the water of Savannah to find these coveted teeth. There are other sellers in other states but you should beware in buying megalodon teeth as many of these teeth have been repaired and restored – those that have been found in less than ideal conditions – and they do not have the same value as original, unrepaired megalodon teeth.

    Deal with only the most trusted megalodon teeth seller.

  • Image source: Flickr

    The Shark River Park in New Jersey is home to Miocene-era fossils, the period when the megalodon shark roamed the waters of the world, not just in the United States. The Shark River Park is actually a brook, so there are regulations on what equipment you can only use and how many fossils you can collect per day. You are only allowed to use a six-inch trowel and keep five fossils each day.

    The maximum size of sifting screens should only be a foot and a half. This is to preserve the brook from being overhunted for fossils.

    Image source: Wikimedia Commons

  • The Manasota Key, also in Florida, is another hotbed of megalodon teeth. The diving conditions is favorable all months of the year, so you can go any time of your choosing.

    You can also go hunting for teeth on the beach, but the seabed is where you will find more shark teeth and other fossils. The Manasota Key is in Lee County, and is very accessible for hunters like yourself.

Whether you are an amateur shark teeth collector or a serious hobbyist, you can check out these places to find the coveted megalodon teeth.

Florida has the most spots for the best place to find megalodon teeth, so you may want to start your search there. If you do not want to tire yourself from finding megalodon teeth, you can always opt to buy them from reputable sellers, but nothing is more satisfying than finding them on your own.


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