Coin Roll Hunting Tips: 5 Easy Tips for this Essential Strategy

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Coin Roll Hunting Tips for Beginners that are Easy to Follow

Coin roll hunting is a process of searching or sorting coins that have already been out of the circulation. They are called collectible coins.

As years go by, these items increase in value and so it has become a serious hobby for many people. There are also different places in which you can find the type of coin that you are looking for.

In the coin hunting community, these coins are revered. They are taken care of properly. Finding a rare coin is also a prized item for a lot of hunters.

Some people are even willing to buy these rare finds at a very high price. Here are some of the common coin roll hunting tips that could increase your chances of getting what you need.

Go to Banks

You can easily exchange coins from banks.

They usually just mix coins on their vault. They don’t necessarily care if those coins are considered rare. They normally don’t sell all the coins that they have, but you just tell them that you will buy everything that can offer.

Once you have the coins with you, it is time to sort things out. For halves, you need to look for anything dated earlier than 1971.

Coins released from 1965-1970 were made from 40% silver. Everything that was released earlier than 1965 is 90% silver. There is a good chance that you can find these old coins from a bunch of coins that you can buy from banks.

Find the Right Marks

It is also important that you know what coins are considered valuable. You need to look for walkers, Franklins and non-Kennedy halves.

You should also look for anything that has an “S” mintmark. Quarters that are older than 1965 are difficult to find.

"In the coin hunting community, these coins are revered."

If you are lucky enough, then you have just found a really valuable coin that you can be proud of. When searching for silver, it is best if you stick with halves. However, dimes and nickels may also contain it but in a much smaller amount.

Learn How to Ask for a Bargain

Buying a box of coins from banks or other sources might be a bit difficult.

There is quite a higher price tag especially if they know that you are into coin hunting. However, you can always negotiate and ask for a bargain. You might even be lucky enough to find someone who can sell you a full box of coins at only $25.

Keep an Eye on Dirty Silver Rims

When you are going through tons of coins, then it would take a very long time before you can find something significant. You might have sorted out all the coins in your box but you still end up with nothing.

It is best if you look at the rims first. Dirty silver rims will tell you that the coin is really old. However, you still need to double check the coins just in case.

Check the dates and look for errors since some of these misprinted coins are still in circulation.

Never Give Up

This is perhaps one of the best coin roll hunting tips that you need to know.

Take note that you are searching for items that are considered rare finds. It means that you won’t have the chance to find one on a daily basis.

Some people even spend an entire year and still end up with nothing. Therefore, if you are really interested in giving it a try, you need to stay focused. You have to push through no matter what happens.

You can also read some success stories of people who held on to their belief that they can someday find a valuable coin.

You can also search for old coins in abandoned places or historical sites. You can use a metal detector to help you out.

The chances are still low, but you can at least use a device to speed the process up. After exhausting all possible means of getting a valuable coin, you might still go home empty handed. It does not matter though.

You have to focus on the process of finding one and enjoy it. The experience of digging deep just to find an old coin is what makes the process even more exciting.


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