How to Make a Gold Pan: The Simple Way to Start Finding Gold

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The Steps on How to Make a Gold Pan are Easy

Gold panning is one of the oldest ways to collect gold.

It is done by heading to an area which is known for gold deposits. To make it successful, a gold pan is necessary. It allows you to scoop potential gold from that area.

The process of extracting the actual mineral is still long, but this is the first step. There are gold pans available in the market. However, if you want to create your own, then you need to know the process on how to make a gold pan.

Commercial gold pans are sold at just $10 to $15. You can easily buy one.

"Finding out how to make a gold pan is easy. The difficult part is using it."

They are also designed to last for a long time. However, creating it would give you a different sense of satisfaction. Besides, there are instances when you really need to pan for gold and you are far from home.

If not, you are out on a gold panning trip with your friends. Hence, you need to create one (or more).

Before starting, you need to understand first the process of gold panning.

You should also realize that gold is a very heavy element. It is in fact one of the heaviest elements you can find. Therefore, the gold pan must be sturdy enough to take on this challenge.

What You Need

Though a pan is the most popular device used, the truth is that other items can be used too.

Any bowl or tub shaped item will do.

In South America, a batea is used as a substitute. It is a large wooden bowl. There are even those who use a huge bucket.

In various parts of the world, there are different items used to get gold and not exactly the same pan that we are used to.

If you want your own gold pan, you can just look around your house.

There is really no universal standard on what should constitute a gold pan. As long as the container is shallow and light enough that you can easily use for a long time, it is good enough.

It should also have a solid bottom so that it can contain riverbed materials when panning gold. It should also be wide and sturdy on the edges so you can easily scoop up and shake the materials.

Getting Ready

Once you have found the right item as a gold pan substitute, you can clean it first using a dry cloth.

Make sure that dust and dirt are removed before using the pan. If you are traveling to a far place to reach the area that could be filled with gold, you need to secure the bowl or pan along with other tools you needed.

On the actual gold panning process, you need to hold the container on either side so you can scoop up in huge quantities.

The pan or bowl has to be tilted forward in the water to allow larger pieces to fall out of the container up until less material is left. From the riverbed materials left, you can potentially find gold.

You can also use magnet to separate sand and gravel from gold. After getting these small bits of gold dust, they still have to go through a lot of processes of refinement before they will start to look like the gold that you know. You also need to go slow or else you will miss the chance of panning enough gold dust quantity.

Don’t Expect a Lot

Finding out how to make a gold pan is easy. The difficult part is using it.

There is a huge chance that you might not even find gold at all. This depends on where you have decided to pan for gold.

There is an increased chance of finding something valuable if you choose the right place. It also takes time to get the hang of it. This takes a lot of skills.

Those who have kept practicing how to pan for gold have gotten better over time. You also need some time to practice the necessary skills. However, for a beginner, finding something no matter how little it is already means a lot.

If you wanted to start now, you can go ahead and prepare your gold pan. Then, you need to find out the best location and enjoy the entire process.


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