6 Best Places to Use a Metal Detector: Where to Look for Value

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The Best Places to Use a Metal Detector with Ease

There are various metal detectors available out there. Some of them are perfect for professional use. They have better features and can pick up greater signals. In using them, you are assured of high quality results.

There are other types though that are way cheaper but are only used for beginners and kids. Those who are not really serious in looking for valuable metals and are just in it for fun can use these metal detectors.

Aside from owning this machine, you also have to consider the best places to use a metal detector. This will increase your chances of getting a precious metal.

This will not necessarily guarantee that you can find something, but it will at least be a more exciting treasure hunting activity than just staying in your backyard.

Unique landmarks

There are landmarks that were built several years ago. Some of them have even been around for centuries.

When you want to increase your chances of finding something special, then these places are perfect for you. They are also way better than beaches since there is less garbage and they are well maintained.

The only problem is that most landmarks have concrete roads and pavements. Even if the machine picks up signals, there is no way for you to get the items buried deep within.

Sea caves

These places are rarely visited due to extreme risk.

However, they are also perfect for treasure hunting. You will be surprised with items that could be washed up on that area. They might have even been buried there for several years.

You can only imagine the value of the items you could possibly find.

The first thing you have to remember though is to ask for permission. You need to inform someone else that you are heading in that area. You also need to check the weather.

You can only go to sea caves during low tide and where there is enough sunlight. Otherwise, it would be really risky.

Old battlefields

You can only imagine the amount of valuable items buried deep in these areas. From items used by soldiers to old weapons and coins, these places are filled with just about anything you can think of.

Over the years, most of those items have already been collected. There might still be a lot of them left in those areas though and your metal detectors can help you look for great finds.

Abandoned places

This is another risky place for you to visit, but is still worth the risk.

Most of the items left might just be on the surface and can be easily found. You can even find a lot of coins that are still currently being used in the circulation.

The only problem is that the place might be extremely scary. You can only head there in the morning for treasure hunting. At night, it would a different type of hunting and you might not be ready for that.

Jetties and piers

These are some of the places where items from the middle of the ocean are washed up. The signals transmitted to your metal detector might be overwhelming.

There are two down sides though. First, the place is filled with garbage. You might have a hard time digging through the trash that you have to come across with.

The good news is that when you have metal detectors that are capable of getting signals amid the trash, you can possibly find a lot.

Another reason is that you might not be able to take the pollution. You have to wear safety gear so you won’t get infections. You also have to seek permission since jetties and piers are busy areas where lots of activities are going on.

Camping grounds

When people go on camping, they have a tendency to leave something behind. You can make the most out of it by doing a treasure hunt on these areas. The place is filled with significant finds.

They are filled with trash too though. You also need to see to it that you go there only when there are not so many people or else it will be difficult to pick up the right signals.

These are just some of the best places to use a metal detector. You need to carefully plan where you will search for precious metals and other items so your efforts won’t go to waste.







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