Coin Roll Hunting Tips: 5 Easy Tips for this Essential Strategy

Coin Roll Hunting Tips for Beginners that are Easy to FollowCoin roll hunting is a process of searching or sorting coins that have already been out of the circulation. They are called collectible coins. As years go by, these items increase in value and so it has become a serious hobby for many people. There are … Read more

Best Metal Detector for Kids to Have Fun With–Play On!

Metal detectors are used to locate items that are made from metal that could possibly be buried near the place where the device is used. The detector has the ability to determine in which area the item can be found and how deep it could possibly be. This can be used professionally especially for archaeologists who … Read more

The Gold Dime: A Coin Never Meant for Circulation

A Bit of BackgroundA dime is a tenth of a dollar. It is the ten cent coin in the United States. It is made of 8.33% nickel and the rest of it is copper. There are some dimes in circulation that are of different design and make. There is one that is made of gold but … Read more

The Best Waterproof Metal Detector for Your Treasure Hunt

Perhaps the concept of metal detecting devices isn’t new to you anymore. It could be that you used to consider it as something that could detect explosives and save lives. But that’s not the only purpose of metal detectors. There are many types of this device to choose from. Many hobbyists have found another way to … Read more