What is the Value of Petoskey Stones?

Find the value of Petoskey stones, polished and unpolished. Great for making jewelry or stone collection.

What is the Value of Petoskey Stones? What is the value of Petoskey stones? A Petoskey stone is made of fossilized coral that lived more than 350-million years ago. We will also assume you know that you can use these stones to make jewelry and crafts. You can also use these stones to add an … Read more

Is Dumpster Diving Illegal in Florida?

We explore the question, is it illegal to dumpster dive in Florida?

Is Dumpster Diving Illegal in Florida? It is called “urban foraging”, “containering”, “bin-diving”, “d-mart”, “dumpstering”, “skip dipping”, and garbage gleaning to name a few. Call it what you will, it is dumpster diving and the new craze. Historically labelled “garbage picking”, dumpster diving was once relegated to the homeless and destitute. But as the media … Read more

Is Dumpster Diving Illegal in Texas?

Learn whether it is illegal to dumpster dive in Texas. Get court cases and local phone numbers to call to make sure you are following the law.

Dumpster Diving in Texas Is dumpster diving illegal in Texas? Before we answer that question let’s go into a bit more detail on the subject. Since you’re asking the question, you probably already have good reasons to ask, but others might be curious as to exactly what it means to dumpster dive, so for that … Read more

1880 Indian Head Penny: Unique Die-Clash Variety Attracts Collectors

1880 Indian Head Penny

Indian Head Penny Overview The Indian Head penny is a true numismatist’s coin: it is at once rich in history, influential in coin design, and popular among today’s collectors. Its story begins in 1859, when it was created as a better-designed and more efficient successor to the Flying Eagle, which had been an unsuccessful prototype … Read more

1858 Flying Eagle Penny: The Value Is In Unique Varieties

1858 Penny

Flying Eagle Cent Overview A short-lived but eminently collectible series, the Flying Eagle cent has been popular among numismatists since its inception. The Flying Eagle was the first attempt at creating a small cent. The previous cent piece, the Braided Hair Liberty Head cent was almost the size of the modern half dollar, but by … Read more

1912 Dime: The History & Value Of This Classic Coin

1912 Dime

Barber Dime Overview Though disliked by its contemporaries, the Barber dime today has a stable market and is the favorite of many collectors. The Barber dime was a part of the Barber coinage, a set of coins designed by Charles Barber that bore matching designs. Apart from the dime, the Barber coinage also included a … Read more

1900 Morgan Silver Dollar: Repunched Mint Mark Variety Adds Value

1900 Morgan Silver Dollar

Morgan Silver Dollar Overview Named for engraver George T. Morgan, the Morgan silver dollar is the most widely-collected silver dollar and is an essential series for any serious coin collector. The Coinage Act of 1873, sometimes called the “Crime of 1873,” discontinued the use of silver in American coinage and ended the “free silver” policy, … Read more

1859 Indian Head Penny: Unique Design Result in One-Year-Only Type

1859 Indian Head Penny

Indian Head Penny Overview Attractive in its simplicity, the Indian Head penny is a timeless piece of American coinage and is a foundational series in the coin collecting community. The Indian Head penny was the second small cent after the Flying Eagle cent, and it was first struck in 1859. Like its predecessor, the Indian … Read more

1895 Indian Head Penny: Full Red Varieties Extremely Valuable

1895 Indian Head Penny

Indian Head Penny Overview The precursor to the well-known Lincoln cent, the Indian Head penny is beloved by collectors for its simplicity of design and its historical impact on coinage. The Indian Head penny first appeared in 1859 as a new small cent piece that aimed to fix the problems of its short-lived predecessor, the … Read more