Best Place to Find Petoskey Stones: What You Need to Know

Image source: Wikimedia CommonsLake Michigan, the Best Place to Find Petoskey StonesWhen it comes to the best place to find Petoskey stones, nothing beats Lake Michigan. A visit in this area would never be complete unless you find for a Petoskey stone yourself. The stones are fossilized remains of a type of coral that lived during the … Read more

4 of the Best Geocache Finds You’ve Ever Heard About

Best Geocache FindsThe GPS or the Global Positioning System is one of the most important technologies of today. It allows you to find the location or position of certain places regardless of the weather condition. It is also very accurate. Aside from tracking people and places, the GPS has become a means of recreation. Geocaching is … Read more

Best Place to Find Megalodon Teeth: Find the Monster Teeth of Legend

Image source: Wikimedia CommonsThe Best Place to Find Megalodon Teeth to Add to Your CollectionSharks have been around as long as the dinosaurs. They have survived the event that made their dinosaur cousins extinct, although some sharks are also extinct today. They have been so for millions of years already. Megalodon sharks, or Carcharocles Megalodon means famed … Read more

How to Identify Metals: Surprising Ways to Figure it Out

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How to Open an Old Safe: Get at the Treasure That Lies Inside

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How to Find Arrowheads: 3 Things to Watch for to Do it The Right Way

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Image courtesy: Flickr How To Find Arrowheads For hardcore treasure hunters, precious metals like gold and silver are not the only things that are worth searching for. There is also value in hunting for artifacts, much like our favorite movie character Indiana Jones. Of course, in reality, treasure hunting is not necessarily … Read more

Best Place to Find Diamonds for Your Treasure Hunter Travel Bug

Image courtesy: Wikimedia CommonsBest Place to Find Diamonds, the Most Beloved StoneDiamonds are considered one of the world’s most precious gemstones. They were first recognized in India and this is where the first mining also took place. Diamonds are hard and they are prone to contamination only to very few impurities. These gems are typically used … Read more