1902 Indian Head Penny: A High-Mintage Affects Current Value

1902 Penny

Indian Head Penny Overview Sporting a classic and extremely influential design, the Indian Head penny was minted during one of the most important eras of American history and is a cornerstone of contemporary numismatics. 1859 was the first year of mintage for the Indian Head penny. As the successor to the Flying Eagle penny, it … Read more

1925 Buffalo Nickel: Poor Strike Quality Drives Up Premiums

1925 buffalo nickel

Buffalo Nickel Overview The Buffalo nickel, also called the Indian Head nickel, was a short-lived coin that has nonetheless become a very popular series among coin collectors of all types. A product of the same initiative that brought the Wheat penny and the Saint-Gaudens double eagle, the Buffalo nickel was commissioned to replace the Liberty … Read more

1951 Half Dollar: Denver Mintage Brings Highest Value

1951 half dollar

Franklin Half Dollar Overview Often overshadowed by its successor, the Kennedy half dollar, the Franklin half dollar is an attractive and accessible series that is relatively easy to own as a complete set. Mint Director Nellie Tayloe Ross, a long-time admirer of Benjamin Franklin, first had the idea for a half dollar based on the … Read more

The Double Eagle: An Overview Of The $20 Gold Coin

20 dollar gold coin

The double eagle is a discontinued twenty-dollar gold coin that houses some of the most valuable issues in American numismatics. History of the Double Eagle The double eagle was created in 1849, one year after the discovery of gold in the American West jumpstarted what would later become known as the California Gold Rush. With … Read more

1924 Wheat Penny: A Semi-Key Date for San Francisco

1924 Penny

Wheat Penny Overview The Wheat penny was the inaugural series of the Lincoln cent and is today a staple of coin collections everywhere. The Wheat penny, which replaced the Indian Head penny, began in 1909 as a way to honor Abraham Lincoln on the bicentennial of his birth year. The idea for the coin was … Read more

1962 Quarter: Which Varieties are Worth the Most Money?

1962 Quarter

Washington Quarter Overview The Washington quarter, often overlooked as a collector’s item, offers much in the way of varieties, issues, and availability. 1932 was the first year of production for the Washington quarter. Although the US was in the midst of the a massive economic crisis, the Mint felt it imperative that a coin be … Read more

1947 Roosevelt Dime: Look for High-Grade Full Torch Varieties

1947 Dime

Roosevelt Dime Overview Although one of the less popular series among coin collectors, the Roosevelt dime is an attractive and accessible coin that anyone can collect. In 1945, just before the end of World War II, President Franklin Roosevelt died of a brain hemorrhage. A president largely beloved by the American people, the Mint sought … Read more

1882 Indian Head Penny: Full Red Varieties Worth Thousands

1882 Indian Head Penny

Indian Head Penny Overview The Indian Head penny, with its simple and attractive design, is a veritable piece of history and a favorite of coin collectors everywhere. The Indian Head penny was first struck in 1859 and was the successor of the first small cent, the Flying Eagle cent. Both the Flying Eagle cent and … Read more

1913 Buffalo Nickel: San Francisco Issues Bring Highest Value

1913 Buffalo Nickel

Buffalo Nickel Overview The Indian Head nickel, more commonly known as the Buffalo nickel, is a classic coin beloved by collectors of all types. The design of a new nickel was commissioned in 1911 as part of an effort to make American coinage more beautiful, and it was James Earle Fraser’s design that was eventually … Read more